News Flash! - Spy Photos Catch the Secret "Legion of Doom" Meeting

Undercover Theocentric Reporter

Theocentric Living brings you the exclusive news first! Our undercover reporter took photos of the infamous "Legion of Doom" at a secret public park. Dr. Robert A. Morey was the first to break the news of this goolish group on his blog some weeks ago. Dr. Morey said on April 12th, 2008:

Dear Brothers,
It has come to my attention that a new “Liars Club” out there in slander-land and gossip-hill is claiming that I am not writing a book on on Natural Theology! If you run across these liars, rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Some of you have even proof read chapters for me.
Remember, all liars shall have their place in the lake of fire. (Rev. 21:8).
In obedience to the Word, I do not consider the “Legion of Doom” members, (eg. Joel, Clark, Tom, etc.) fellow-Christians. As long as they continue to run their “Liars Club,” they give no evidence of regeneration. When the book comes out, they will no doubt say I did not write it! They would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit them!

Just as Dr. Morey wisely predicted, this cultish group gathered at Slander-land park across from Gossip-hill. These faith defecters, motivated by hate and compelled by bitterness and rage, met to plot devilish plans to destroy God and his church. We at Theocentric Living caught them plotting in the act! Even their many children in attendance lurked and slithered about in odd formations and zombie like slowness. We have reason to believe, however, that their plans will be foiled because all this "Liars Club" did the whole time was lie to each other about everything. Here are some of the exclusive photos we captured.

In this photo you can see one of the Legion Leaders, Tom Maxham (in the dark blue shirt). He is no doubt leading one of the evil plots against the work of the Lord.

Look at all these people, you can tell they are having an awful time.

However, you may notice one thing: Joel Hughes is not in any of these photos. Where is he? Our skilled reporter, Pat, was able to actually catch him in one photo lurking by the bathrooms showing his true colors. Look at him in the picture below. He is off to the left in the black hooded cowl. Dr. Morey was right all along.

Pat was actually able to corner the dark gool and forced him into an interview. Listen for yourself as one of the Legion of Doom leaders tells you what is really going on.

Pat: Your name is Joel Hughes?
Joel: Uh, yes.
Pat: Tell me, Joel, what are you all doing here? Are you all plotting and scheming evil plans to overthrow the work of the Lord? Tell me the truth you savage liar!

Joel: Uh, no. We are all friends in the Lord and we were blown up and scattered by Mr. Morey. He struck the sheep and scattered them. He separated brother from brother, sister from sister.
Pat: That's a lie you liar!
Joel: Uh, no it's not. Maybe, Pat, you have been lied to before you knew all the facts.

Pat: No way you dirty unregenerate liar.
Joel: You seem full of bitterness, rage, and hatred towards us. Why is that Pat?
Pat: I am the reporter, I ask the questions, not you.
Joel: Uh, ok.
Pat: Tell me you slanderer, what are you all doing here today? Don't lie to me either!

Joel: Well, we were at one time all really good friends. What we had in common is not Morey, but Messiah. Many of those friendships that Morey divided have been restored and healed here today. People saw new babies that they never got to meet or see before. Our kids who used to always play together got a chance again to play. We discussed our new churches, our jobs, our families, and we shared aspects of our testimonies from our time at FCC.

Pat: Really? You're not lying to me are you?
Joel: No Pat
Pat: Hmm. I only heard one side of the story. You all seem pretty happy and like nice folk.
Joel: We are. In fact, Pat, this is only a third of all the people that could have shown up today. Many were busy, some out of town or state, others still healing from Morey's madness. You know what is also somewhat interesting Pat?
Pat: no what?
Joel: is that Morey accused Clark of stealing sheep from his church, which is not true if you read the emails online, but Morey also said that it would be ok if Clark went out and saved some unsaved people for his church, but it is not ok to bring those into his church who are already Christians. But, Pat, all these ex-FCC members went to Morey's church as Christians. He did not win any of them to the Lord. Most of them were mature believers before they ever went to that church. I know I was. I was already a solid Calvinist as were many of these people. Seems a little hypocritical don't you think?

Pat: Ya, joel, it sort of does. I never knew that.
Joel: it's ok Pat, there is a lot of deception going on. You know we have had a great time today. It is so nice to see all these people again.
Pat: hmm...it sure seems like it. So why does he call you all the "Legion of Doom"?
Joel: Pat, why in the world would any true Christian call other Christians such things? I have no idea, but that there is real sin in the camp. Hey Pat, are you hungry or thirsty?
Pat: ya, I sure am.
Joel: grab whatever you want out of the ice chest there.
Pat: Gee, thanks.

Joel: No worries Pat.
Pat: Gee I tell you, they really spun a dark story over there at FCC about you all. And you say that this is only about a third of the people who could have shown up, ex-members?
Joel: Yes indeed! I can think of so many who were not able to make it. And Pat, get this. Morey says that you can't bring an accusation of sin against an elder unless you have two or three witnesses. How about all these? What if we tripled our attendance here today? Would that be enough witnesses for the church to take us seriously and for Robert A. Morey to repent of his many sins and abuses?


Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen! These are enough witnesses. Praise God for His goodness. He reveals the Truth in is timing.

Gadfly J said...

Dude, that interview had me rolling... LOL. WOW!

All humor aside Joel, it was really neat to see you and the family as well as the rest of our brother's and sister's in Christ.

To see so many people with joyful tears in their eyes really brought joy to my heart. God truly has been doing a work.

Lourdes and I really had a great time and we really hope we can all get together again real soon.

By the way I too wrote a little blurb on my new blog, not as good as yours :P , but I hope people get the gist. Check it out when you get a chance.

My new Blog address: http://saintaugustinian.blogspot.com/

Talk to you soon,

Joshua said...

This was absolutely hilarious. Glad to see some of the damage done by this man finally being repaired. Hopefully the next one will occur when I'm not busy plowing through my midterms.

Joshua said...

Meanwhile...I wonder why homeland security wasn't unleashed upon your evil, hate-filled, terrorist picnic. It may now be too late and our national security could be threatened! No matter, the world has the perfected Bob Morey to protect and shield everyone's eyes from this massive, demonic conspiracy against God's one true church (i.e. Faith Community Church in Irvine, CA). You will not succeed! You and your demonic picnics will be exposed!

Nicki Hughes said...

gadfly j,

I tried commenting on your blogg but could not figure it out. Anyways, your article about Saturday's picnic was very nice. I, too, enjoyed seeing you and your wife and everyone else there. It was so nice to forgive and be forgiven. And to restore friendships that were lost. I hope we can get together again really soon.

Nicki said...


You did a great job on this article. I can't keep from laughing everytime I see "Pat's" picture.

Legion of Doom Member,


slappy's cousin said...

that was too much seeing Pat in the black cape- it was hilarious. But seriously, it reminded one of the Star Wars III movie, the Sith lord character. Recall the scene where they confront the Chancellor and find out he’s the secret, evil Sith lord everyone had been looking for, who had been up to all kinds of dirty deeds and scheming against the good guys. Pay attention to the nature and tactics of the evil Sith lord and you just might see some parallels to the much maligned fcc leader. In the real-life fcc movie, many were looking at so-called disgruntled fcc and ex-fcc members as the doers of dirty deeds and evil scheming against the fcc republic and its head. How crazy that it turns out the scheming and deeds were coming from the secret Empire headed by the fcc leader himself.

glad to see a lot of healing took place and people got to catch up with each other. God can work all kinds of situations to good. Trust in Him. He dispersed the sheep away from fcc to be cared for by new shepherds who have genuine hearts. He will do more good works.

slappy's cousin said...

oh yes, the reporter either wasn't trained well by his fcc leader or he forgot his craft. When interviewing Joel and hearing that many problems actually originate with the fcc head man, the reporter forgot to say, "give me chapter and verse baby. i think the evil one is filling your head with bad thoughts about us. are you're menatlly ill? what kind of anti-depressants are you on? what kind of sin are you in? show me the money honey. what other poison-the-well logical fallacies can i flip on you?" flip it, flip it, flip it. i guess the tuity fruit reporter just lost his composure when he realized the picnicers were really a bunch of good guys who had been lied about and viciously slandered. But when the BT crew gets done with him, he'll be talking about how happy they all are at their men's breakfasts eating sausgage and eggs, and gulping down more fantasy.

but at least the LORD is looking out for His sheep and repairing much damage that's been done. Be greatful for that and what's to come.

Anonymous said...

Very nice article. I was at the picnic on Saturday and had a wonderful time. All of these people were the very same people who attended Morey's church years ago. They were all very nice and Godly people, who love the Lord and desire to serve Him in Truth. Thank you for all that you have posted, keep up the good work.

Gadfly J said...

Thanks Nikki...BTW: I fixed my commenting section, it's open to everyone now. Thanks for the heads up. ~joey

reformed x-fccite said...

see this comment on gadfly's blog about the picnic


praise God for His timing.

gladtobegonefromfcc said...

About comment on gadly blog, Assuming this is true (if anyone has knowledge weigh in), when the purchase of the fcc building was done, why was the deal structured so that upon sale, morey and or family would reap a large potential windfall? makes motive a big question mark??? Does anyone know?

Take a poll: Knowing that Paul said he would not want someone to think he was in ministry for a profit motive, do you think John Piper, John MacArthur, Kennedy or Sproul would do something like this, set up a deal like this to get rich off of?

Nicki Hughes said...

I posted this on gadfly j's blog this morning. If anyone has any factual information please let us know.

Does anyone have first hand knowledge about the details of the "deal" in regards to the sale of the FD building? Is it set up truley so that Morey and Family will receive a very large sum of money? Or are we all just assuming that? And does anyone know if he really did take out equity($250,000) on his home like he claimed many times from the pulpit. They seemed to be running a lot of the ministry with the "equity money" for a really, really long time. Just curious if that is fact or just another lie?

By the way- great article Joey. Thanks for posting.

May 14, 2008 10:03 AM

gladtobegonefromFCC said...


nicki, see gadflys sight (link above) for answer to your question.

Gustavo Arellano said...

Here's my take:


Next time you folks have a picnic, make sure to invite me!

Jim said...

Very well written and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

His equity story seems consistent enough and he expresses genuine concern that his wife doesn't have to worry about mortgage payments if anything were to happen to him.

He won't get the biggest portion when the building is sold. I think he did give a loan, but there were others. I thought that's where the board came from, but since some of the board was at the picnic, then I don't know at all really.

lenny said...

many are praying for fcc attendees to have their eyes opened so that they can understand/see the issues bloggers are referring to. Many also praying for ex-fcc attendees- for their relief and healing, comofort etc. Some have gone thru terrible traumas in how they were cut-off from FCC or in how they were dealt with by the FCC/FD leader. Continue those prayers, but also pray for the FCC leader. Maybe somehow God will touch him in special way that he comes to terms with all his issues and acts brought up in the blogs that have hurt people terribly. We just have to see what God will do. As said in another blog, God can reach whoever He wants to in His mercy and grace.

While some of us felt compelled to tell our story for the benefit of others (and to avoid complicity), i suppose at same time we don't want it to become an unhealthy obsession. (And BTW, i doubt anyone enjoys having to get on the blogs to talk about morey's issues, for who of us is perfect in our dealings? none of us, for we all have to be in a state of forgiveness and be in submission to God's will. but it seems many of us feel compelled to help set the record straight on a few things that took place recently and pray that God works everything out to the good). Obsessions can be a slippery slope to anger/ resentment... There is a saying, "If we live in the past we die in the present." This is not to say justice not be pursued nor is it a jab at anyone. i think maybe Joel has a special mission to follow in all this. But for the everday person, we still have to maintain and balance other matters. May God Bless and grant us all mercy and grace and help us to become worthy servants. And don't forget, there's people out there who still need to hear the gospel, the Good News. Rom. 1:16,17; 10:9-17

Joshua said...

Bob has now "ordained" some supposed "elders": http://glennhendrickson.blogspot.com/2008/05/sunday-morning-church-notes-52508.html. This is another tactic he often uses that I already pointed out on Joel's blog. When certain deeds of his are exposed in a widespread manner, he silently makes plans to rectify the complaint in order to be able to point to the new situation when the complaint arises again. Let us remember the pattern:

- Bob read Joel's email to a FCC member about his lies, slander, abuse, etc. He latched onto an off the cuff remark at the end of a sentence at the end of a paragraph where Joel highlights the notion of Bob never having written the book he has been talking about for years and years now. Soon after, we see libelous comments being left about Joel, Tom, and Clark on his blog. The supposed evidence of their "sin" was "them" saying that he is not writing his book. This then prompts him to post on the blog a page or two of error-filled, scribbled notes, supposedly from the book. He hears of objections to his reign, rectifies the particular problem when word gets out in a widespread way, and calls the objectors liars.

- Bob also engaged in this behavior regarding the church funds and his home safe. Bob was taking uncounted cash home twice a week into his own private safe. When some found out about this he attempted to threaten them into silence. Only when word of his shady behavior began to get widespread (over a year later), he supposedly changed this behavior and the money was brought to someone else's safe. He now labels objectors liars who report his shady monetary dealings.

- Now we have the situation of his new "elders". Bob has put off getting elders for years and years. He had many opportunities to ordain qualified individuals but instead drove them away with his gossip, slander, theft, and lies. Now that word has gotten out about his corruption, Bob has decided to counter one of the most glaring objections to his imperial reign by rectifying the problem after the fact. No doubt we will all be called liars now for having ever reported this. Bob will stand in front of his congregation and grandstand about how he has proven us terrorists to be frauds. I just hope those still in attendance have some concept of time and are capable of seeing this cause/effect relationship. You'd have to be blind to not pick up on what he is doing here. I have no doubt that these “elders” are bootlicking yes-men, chosen only because they would seemingly not speak out about his wickedness. The situation hasn’t changed. The birdcage liner has been re-arranged in order to give the appearance of cleanliness when in fact it will probably produce more dirt than ever.

Joel Hughes said...

Joshua -
Exactly! I want to make a few observations about this. First, you mentioned how Bob latched onto a vague statement I made about his (n)ever coming book. His reaction about all this might have come from that statement or from someone else. I do not know. But what I will say is first, if his amazing charges that we are all apostate reprobates because of that--God help him. Second, from his own words in his BT blogs (which many of us all have saved), he makes such a constant big deal about this book and he makes himself sound so much more important than anyone else because of it, it is enough to make one sick. See “Reformed Papa’s” (really me) comments about this on their blog (oh wait, that has been deleted; but I will reproduce it in time.) All believers are nimnus and their work for God is miniscule compared to his great work in that book. Third, I too have proof read parts of it for Morey. He wrote a very long introduction based on the book of Job. He tries to say that Job’s friends fall into four categories: one is a rationalist, one is an empiricist, one is a mystic, and the last is a fideist. He gave me this intro off his own laptop at our men’s retreat. I printed it and read it. I read the verses from Job where he tries to prove this thesis. It comes off as novel as though he were the first to discover this. Even at the time when I was tight in there and fully on board, I found that it greatly stretched the Scriptures. My one mistake at that time, I guess looking back my main mistake, is that I didn’t question him on this. For the most part, I am not into natural theology and agree with the epistemology of revealed theology, but I sure hope Morey does not do us a dis-service by discrediting the truth by faulty methodology and stretched interpretations as he has done elsewhere.

As far as the new “elders” go. Oh boy. I could say so much but I will restrain most of it, at least for now. But you are right. This was a move because—and only because—he got so much public heat and was exposed. He has done this before. He did it with the deacons and with the money counting process. Now a word about the three new “elders” just “ordained.” I know of all three men and I know two of them, and one of them I know well. My first thought is that the people there at FCC who (1) know their Bibles, (2) know these men, (3) and know the many good qualified and called men who left, should see right through this recent move. It was a smart move on Morey’s part and a foolish one. It was smart because these are basically “yes” men (no offense brothers if you ever read or hear about this) and they will do NOTHING to hold him accountable. It was foolish on his part to ordain these men because anyone who knows anything should be able to see right through it. What I say next is not just my opinion, but the opinion of many people I have just recently talked to, people who know these men well—they are not qualified nor have they ever demonstrated the inner call of God to be elders. During the nearly five years that I was there, I never saw one of them teach publicly, but rather, they were students of mine and of Clark and of James and of Mike and of Tom and of many others who also left. They sat in our classes and they sat in the pew when we preached. I know one of them pretty well on a personal level and I know (and so does he) that he is not qualified to take such a position. This man that I speak of did not know a thing about reformed theology (or much about theology in any way) before attending the church. He has not been at the church very long. He has never taught publicly that I ever saw (except he writes on the BT blog sometimes). None of these men ever taught publicly! Never once. But now they are elders. Maybe I will say more tomorrow, but this is enough for now. But the fact remains, I and many others know these men, and we are utterly amazed at the new (quick off the cuff) selection of “elders”. Also, as Clark told me, Morey's personal assitant for five years, that if these men are also not on the "board," then they have zero power to do anything. Morey can still kick them out just as he has a multitude of others.

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