Morey Threatens to Sue Me!

That's right, Robert Morey has threatened to sue me for all my "false" allegations I have written about on this blog. I received a letter in the mail yesterday from an attorney demanding that I take down all these blogs. The letter says that if I fail to do so, "immediate appropriate legal action will be taken. Furthermore, should [I] choose to write any further defamatory statements, appropriate legal action will be taken to compensate Faith Community Church for all past defamatory statements."

The letter also says that "Dr. Morey has informed us that these writings are categorically false."

What are we to make of this?

First, this completely violates Morey's own teachings against Christians suing other Christians for such matters. In his blog article "Can Professing Christians Sue Each Other in Civil Court" (http://biblicalthought.com/blog/can-professing-christians-sue-each-other-in-civil-court/), Morey says:

"What is in view in 1 Cor. 6 is that they were calling each other names and insulting each other. Paul said that with such “insignificant issues,” we should be prepared to put up with personal insults by fellow members of the church in order to maintain unity in the body of Christ."

According to Morey's teaching, he should be prepared to "put up with personal insults by fellow members of the church..." Well, I am not a "fellow member" of his church, but I am a member of the body of Christ.

Second, what will he sue me for, telling the truth? And if he moves to sue me it would seem that he would have to sue a whole lot of other people who have spoken out about all these same issues. He would have to sue the Wessel's brothers, he would have to sue OC Weekly, he would have to sue the numerous other blogs reporting his deeds, he would have to sue Clark for posting that Open Letter to Robert Morey, he would have to sue the many new websites up that are saying the same things, and he would have to sue all the people who commented on all these various blogs. But is he? No.

Third, bring it on. Take me to court and attempt to destroy my family. But as you told me yourself Bob, I am a tar baby. You DO NOT want to wage war on me. I have written and posted a mere fraction of what I have. You assumed that we are all stupid peon nimnus that you could harm and brush us under the rug. Take me to court, and let's discuss all my writings in a public venue, line by line. Then it will all be public record. Then the publicity will explode on it. Then we will counter sue you in a class action suit for all your slander and abuse against the dozens of people you have attacked and hurt over the years. The Larry Wessels is already contacting law enforcement concerning that issue. Go ahead, take me to court and you will open a pandora's box that you never anticipated. Go ahead, take me to court and I will publicize it in every place I can find, which in turn will mean that all my "false" writings will be made known and publicized in a plethora of outlets. You think the story was big before, just wait and see what happens with this one. And you think that I have written a lot thus far? You ain't seen nothing yet of what I have. Go ahead, take me to court, I will contact every one of your friends, associates, and colleagues in the evangelical world and make all this known. You know I will. You don't want to know who I have already spoken to. You don't want those conversations and information going public. Go ahead, take me to court, that court room will be packed with those whom you have burned and slandered and harmed; that witness stand will be filled all day long with eye witnesses. Go ahead, take me to court, I have no money and nothing of value that you would get. I guess you could get all my Bob Morey books. How dare you.

I have said publicly on this blog that if anything I have said can be shown to be false or inaccurate, I will remove it and publicly say so. I know you are reading this Bob, so in the comments section, show us where I said things about you that are "categorically false" and I will remove it. But Bob, you are trying to pick on the wrong person. Every shot you take will get stuck in the tar.