Morey Threatens to Sue Me!

That's right, Robert Morey has threatened to sue me for all my "false" allegations I have written about on this blog. I received a letter in the mail yesterday from an attorney demanding that I take down all these blogs. The letter says that if I fail to do so, "immediate appropriate legal action will be taken. Furthermore, should [I] choose to write any further defamatory statements, appropriate legal action will be taken to compensate Faith Community Church for all past defamatory statements."

The letter also says that "Dr. Morey has informed us that these writings are categorically false."

What are we to make of this?

First, this completely violates Morey's own teachings against Christians suing other Christians for such matters. In his blog article "Can Professing Christians Sue Each Other in Civil Court" (http://biblicalthought.com/blog/can-professing-christians-sue-each-other-in-civil-court/), Morey says:

"What is in view in 1 Cor. 6 is that they were calling each other names and insulting each other. Paul said that with such “insignificant issues,” we should be prepared to put up with personal insults by fellow members of the church in order to maintain unity in the body of Christ."

According to Morey's teaching, he should be prepared to "put up with personal insults by fellow members of the church..." Well, I am not a "fellow member" of his church, but I am a member of the body of Christ.

Second, what will he sue me for, telling the truth? And if he moves to sue me it would seem that he would have to sue a whole lot of other people who have spoken out about all these same issues. He would have to sue the Wessel's brothers, he would have to sue OC Weekly, he would have to sue the numerous other blogs reporting his deeds, he would have to sue Clark for posting that Open Letter to Robert Morey, he would have to sue the many new websites up that are saying the same things, and he would have to sue all the people who commented on all these various blogs. But is he? No.

Third, bring it on. Take me to court and attempt to destroy my family. But as you told me yourself Bob, I am a tar baby. You DO NOT want to wage war on me. I have written and posted a mere fraction of what I have. You assumed that we are all stupid peon nimnus that you could harm and brush us under the rug. Take me to court, and let's discuss all my writings in a public venue, line by line. Then it will all be public record. Then the publicity will explode on it. Then we will counter sue you in a class action suit for all your slander and abuse against the dozens of people you have attacked and hurt over the years. The Larry Wessels is already contacting law enforcement concerning that issue. Go ahead, take me to court and you will open a pandora's box that you never anticipated. Go ahead, take me to court and I will publicize it in every place I can find, which in turn will mean that all my "false" writings will be made known and publicized in a plethora of outlets. You think the story was big before, just wait and see what happens with this one. And you think that I have written a lot thus far? You ain't seen nothing yet of what I have. Go ahead, take me to court, I will contact every one of your friends, associates, and colleagues in the evangelical world and make all this known. You know I will. You don't want to know who I have already spoken to. You don't want those conversations and information going public. Go ahead, take me to court, that court room will be packed with those whom you have burned and slandered and harmed; that witness stand will be filled all day long with eye witnesses. Go ahead, take me to court, I have no money and nothing of value that you would get. I guess you could get all my Bob Morey books. How dare you.

I have said publicly on this blog that if anything I have said can be shown to be false or inaccurate, I will remove it and publicly say so. I know you are reading this Bob, so in the comments section, show us where I said things about you that are "categorically false" and I will remove it. But Bob, you are trying to pick on the wrong person. Every shot you take will get stuck in the tar.


lieutenantcolumbo said...
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Samuel Garcia said...

wow, that's a new low. He really shouldn't be doing this, biblically and theologically in terms of kingdom principles of love, humility, and service. You know what though Joel, I think he may justify this by thinking of you as an unsaved heathen. From his point of view, i guess that would make sense, but I would still disagree with that approach to a non-Christian. I'm not saying you're not saved though! :D

Glad 2B Gone said...

Good luck. Morey is blowing smoke. Morey is a public figure, and last time I checked, we still have rights under the 1st Amendment. I believe that in order for him to win, he'd have to prove that you either knew what you were writing was untrue or were reckless about whether it was true or not.

His teeny, tiny little problem is that the things about him on the internet ARE true. We are speaking up about the things that he has done to us, things that have been swept under the rug for years. If Morey actually were to take you to court, which would be an extremely foolish decision, he will be shocked to see how many people show up to testify to the truth of these statements. No jury in the world is going to rule for Bob Morey. He will just bring more shame to himself and to Christianity as a whole.

In my opinion, he is a great man in his own mind and he is seeing his "legacy" crumble away before his eyes. Unfortunately he has left two legacies, the second one being of authoritarian abuse. Because he refuses to repent for this, everything he does will always be tarnished.

I am sad because the Bible calls for reconciliation in relationships, and this is just one step further away from that every happening.

glad 2b gone said...

Are you sure it was an attorney that wrote the letter? Better make sure it wasn't one of those fearsome "trial specialists"! Haha

Joel Hughes said...

The letter sent to me was from a "Tyler & Associates" and says "Attorneys at Law" in Murrieta, CA. I could not find a website for them, but what I did find online looks as though they are real estate attorneys. But I also found that this lady who signed my name is "an attorney with Advocates for Faith and Freedom" see: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20071003-9999-7m3bible.html

Her name is Jennifer L. Monk.

glad 2b gone said...


It looks to be a nonprofit legal defense group. Your legal letterhead is probably from the personal firm of Robert Tyler. It looks like they actually take some really admirable cases. It would be a shame for them to tarnish their reputation getting involved with such ugliness.

Joshua said...

I am continuously encouraged by your attitude and willingness to fight this criminal, Joel. You are really rocking the boat and making more difficult for this monster to do what he loves most: ruining families, reputations, friendships, and relationships with God. This new development has only confirmed a few things I already knew about Bob:

Because he doesn’t fear God he assumes no one else does. Bob is used to weak/trusting individuals falling prey to his devices and cannot fathom how/why someone wouldn’t be afraid of him. He assumes by giving you this asinine threat that you will cower in fear. What he doesn’t realize is that he is actually a cowardly, senile old man who’s lack of power is only surpassed by his lack of ingenuity. Does he really think this “threat” will stop you? Does he really think that you would fear him, a common thief (who can’t even succeed in covering up his low-life activities), rather than the God of the universe?! This is one of many ways that Bob is completely delusional. He doesn’t realize that this “threat” isn’t actually a threat at all. Firstly, we who oppose him have God on our side - enough said there. Secondly, his “threat” is actually a blessing. He is so delusional that he doesn’t even consider the fact that IF he were to actually follow through with this (which all the evidence points to him not doing so - - this looks like another mafia tactic, an empty threat just like the one he gave to Larry Wessels 14 years ago and never followed up) he would have to deal with the fact that HUNDREDS of people would testify against him for his CRIMES. Also, he has no case! That is why this was just a “threat” to sue rather than following through and suing you. As you said Joel, IF he actually follows through with this it will give us an avenue to expose him even more publicly. He would only be giving us a forum to warn many, many others who would’ve otherwise not heard of his crimes. What could he possibly have against you? He could’ve been specific and provided undisputable evidence for what “wasn’t true”. But he didn’t and he won’t. He is hoping that you will take your posts down, sweep this under the rug, and he could continue taking uncounted cash home, slander fellow pastors, and separate families. Your blog has articles testifying to and providing evidence for his predatory behavior. That is all. He cannot refute this and that is why he needs to resort to a game of chicken. What a loser. What a small-time nobody who can’t stand the fact that his little con-game is now failing after decades of low-level success. I thank God that He is finally bringing this man’s actions out into the public.

Doesn’t Bob realize that he is showing everyone what he really is? An innocent person would do exactly the opposite of everything Bob has done. An innocent person would address his accusers publicly and honestly. They would be out in the open. There would be no ambiguity, no lies, no threats. An innocent person would be so utterly shocked at these accusations that they would face their accusers in any possible to attempt to rectify the situation. They would mourn the fact that there was such ideas being spread about them. They would be forthright about the accuser’s problem and would do anything to provide clarity. What would a guilty person do? They would slander that individual, lie about them, threaten others not to read their material or speak to them, they would label them an “outcast” and mentally ill, they would move around in darkness plotting new ways of “getting them back”, they would call people who were going to employ them or involve them in new opportunities and badmouth the individual, they would attempt to separate them from everyone they love in order to break them down, they would refuse to speak to that individual and cut off all contact, and they would perform such outrageous threats as this in order to continue their pathetic life of predatory criminality. But Bob has to behave in the latter way of a guilty person. Why? Because there is so much hardcore documentation of his abuse, theft, lies, slander, libel, etc. that it is impossible to even fake the former route. Bob is guilty. We have the hardcore evidence. It is all public. He only confirms his guilt with this new development.

Furthermore, I’m sure he was salivating over all of the money he could possibly get out of you with a lawsuit. What he again fails to realize is that a person in true, biblical ministry, such as yourself, is not going to have the kind of money he does. You (unlike Bob), don’t take $30,000 dollars from your brothers in Christ and refuse to pay them back because you “may owe them biblically but not legally” (or something to that affect). You are not out to simply “get the money” like him.

Due to the issues I’ve brought up here and more, I realize even more what a genuinely stupid man Bob is. He has absolutely no genuine concept of reality, of people, or of God. He does what he wants when he wants and is utterly incapable of analyzing his actions rationally. This is why his deeds are being exposed. He is living in his own dream world, a world where he is king intellectually, spiritually, and morally. He thinks that he is above all laws (even physical laws: there is a clip on lieutenantcolumbo where he states that he read 20 to 25 books per hour in seminary! Or how he claimed to have read all 7,000+ books on Islam in the Library of Congress!) and therefore makes a fool of himself over and over again.

Joel: keep doing everything you’re doing. You are obviously damaging his operation and it is only a matter of time before anyone who is still worshipping him realizes that their emperor has no clothes. Please, keep this up and don’t listen to his minion’s threats or criticisms. These sorts of people give the same criticism when a pastor is revealed to be cheating on his wife or molesting children. They’ll tell that person that they shouldn’t be exposing the individual because it’s a distraction, they should only be evangelizing, it creates disunity, etc. blah blah blah. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. But you already know this and that is why you keep fighting. Unlike your detractors, I hope to see more and more exposure of this man in the future. If Bob is “allowed” to expose the sacred-cow Rick Warren as a theological fraud then aren’t you likewise allowed to expose Bob as morally fraudulent? There are entire sites, books, videos, etc. dedicated to exposing Warren’s theology. The very Moreyites who come on here and criticize you for not talking about “other things” probably have all of these anti-Rick Warren works on their computer and in their library. What they don’t realize is that APOLOGETICS many times includes refuting false teachers and that just because Bob is their sacred-cow doesn’t mean he is exempt from criticism. Especially since he is a thief, liar, slanderer, abuser, etc. Bob *is* just a man ladies and gentlemen - wake up. Obviously, unless you’re wallowing in a Moreyite cloud of self-deception, its easy to see the logic in this.

Red said...

Contact the EFF and ACLU. They'll help you keep out of trouble and out of court with basic guidelines and encouragement for first amendment rights. This is a classic SLAPP suit in the making.

This guy isn't the first guy who gets some stupid attorney to try and shut someone up over the internet. Real estate attorneys taking on the first amendment? Man are THEY stupid.

I recommend that you do some basic homework by visiting EFF (electronic frontier federation) and reading up on SLAPP suits.

(Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is litigation intended to intimidate and silence critics or opponents by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense so that they abandon their criticism or opposition.)

Good luck, be smart and keep blogging against evil

Red said...

Oh, and one more thing. You are entitled to recover court costs and receive sanctions if the Judge rules in your favor for an anti-slapp suit. You will need to retain an attorney ( they can be pro bono, but make sure they are experienced). Here is an excellent article about community activitists who dared oppose luxury condos and were sued by the developers. The judge awareded the activits and their attorneys $267,000 the dumb and very ARROGANT BIG LAW FIRM that took the case on in the first place. Yay for the little guy trying to do good!


In part (but read the rest of the article):

Los Angeles federal judge on Monday ordered a large law firm and two of its attorneys to pay $267,000 in sanctions for filing a "frivolous lawsuit" against a community activist and three Forest Service employees who opposed a luxury condominium development on Big Bear Lake.

U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued the unusual order against Foley & Lardner and two lawyers in its San Diego office, who had filed suit on behalf of developer Irving Okovita against the employees and Sandy Steers, executive director of the Friends of Fawnskin. The group played a key role in fighting Okovita's proposed Marina Point development.

Real in March threw out the suit against the Forest Service, which substituted as a defendant for its employees, and Steers, saying she was exercising her 1st Amendment right to petition the government.

New York University law professor Stephen Gillers, an expert on legal ethics, said it is "quite unusual" for a federal judge to issue a "six-figure sanction against a law firm. For a court to award that kind of money, the court has to find an utter lack of basis" for the position that the lawyer took in the case, Gillers said.

Attorney David Greene, director of the Oakland-based 1st Amendment Project, who represented Steers, said "hopefully this award of sanctions will have a deterrent effect, not only on these lawyers, but lawyers elsewhere, preventing attacks like this one on people who legitimately petition their government."

The 1st Amendment group had asserted in a court brief that the developer had "sued Steers in order to harass and intimidate her, to chill her exercise of free speech and to intimidate others from similarly engaging in the lawful activity of petitioning government agencies."

Steers said she was pleased with Real's order. "I know that I did nothing wrong. All I've been trying to do is make this developer follow the law."

Joshua said...

Red has made some very good points. This is a constitutional issue. Bob has to prove that the 1st amendment doesn't apply to you in order to have any way to attack you. First amendment cases often win (the ones I've studied at least) because they are so obviously protected by the constitution. This seems to be more arrogance on Bob's part due to the fact that he hates the constitution almost as much as he hates God's word. You are protected legally under the first amendment. If he follows through with his threats, find a lawyer that has experience with constitutional issues and individual liberties. A private citizen like Bob can't silence another private citizen because they are exercising their first amendment right.

Red said...

Thanks, Joshua.

Joel, I originally came to know of your site because of a reference of "Bullying". I put this site on an RSS feeder, so I get notified when Joel posts new stories. Having been bullied myself, I keep abreast of the topic to help support others. I was fortunate to prevail in my particular situation, but if a person is genuinely at a power disadvantage, then chances of "winning" against a bully and all that they are doing wrong, are greatly reduced.

Literature supports the fact that if a person is bullying others, feels and acts "above the law", uses intimidation and cover ups in response to questions, then they most probably will be involved in moral and criminal crimes as well. It's just the nature of the beast - it's "all about them" and they have the need to destroy anyone that threatens to expose them.

Two things in that article (second post i did) that may be resources for you. One is that there is a first amendment organization mentioned that helped those activists/rangers in the Big Bear Condo case. You might want to contact them directly. The other thing is that the condo's BIG attorney law group was made to pay ALL costs AND sanctions. This is a great thing, since it should put some sobriety and caution into the situation for Morey and his henchmen.

That little group down in Murietta might just believe Morey's side of things and are willing to take on the case. Or they could be money hungry in this time of economic trouble. Whatever the motivation, they are now involved by having sent you that letter. However if you work to get an attorney asap and submit paperwork to the courts, chances are that you'll get to stop this SLAPP in its tracks.

Remember, when you are exposing a big bully like Morey, you need to have a strategy in place. Your exposing him is driving him to take legal action and he will take other extreme measures, too. His fear will cause him to make additional mistakes and reveal his true/false nature to others which will create other additional hardships for him. Whatever complaints you have against him are the tip of the iceberg. Do not be suprised if he reveals himself to be a criminal who has committed some serious crimes - when the dust settles.

Good luck, be smart, get a strategy in place and keep exposing the wrongdoing that made you protest against Morey in the first place.


You got to be kidding!
And to think that Biblical thought has just posted an entry about the Prosperity preachers! This is endless!

A Nonny Mouse said...

I don't think that using the ACLU would be the smartest, when one considers the other cases they have backed up. If you want to keep a good reputation amongst Christians, stay away from ACLU.

This is silly though, even if he thinks you are apostate because he handed you over to the devil. You can't excommunicate a nonbeliever. Dittob Sam.

Joshua said...

Yet another FCC member (Glenn Hendrickson) has left the church after being slandered and lied to:


Red said...


New article at the OC Weekly.

lieutenantcolumbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Glenn and others have reported (in the comments section of the post below) that two of the new elders (Drew and Henry) have now left FCC here:


Bob is again attempting to sweep this fact under the rug.

glad 2b gone said...

Something is definitely up over there. Someone should do some "investigative reporting" and call up one or both to see why they left. Maybe they would be willing to post a message and expose another piece of the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Morey was trying to silence you, it seemed to have worked. Other people are plenty noisy though. It's not going to stop; it's futile to try.

lieutenantcolumbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I am just curious. How many people attend Faith Community Church on a Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Where did you go Joel?

Anonymous said...

Still not back huh? Looks like Morey actually managed to stop you. Thats not the joel I know.

brother in Christ said...

It is not something Morey has done.
Pray for Joel.

I heard about 50-60 people attend.

It is all a numbers game to him anyway.

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

The former elders speak:


Anonymous said...

I certainly hope someone has notified the IRS.

Definitely something is rotten there. This falls into a typical pattern of fraud and theft.

Anonymous said...

On robertmorey.wordpress.com, the final thing listed on the timeline is an email from Morey. The author of the blog didn't respond to this at all. With no contradictions to Morey's claims, that leaves the ball in his court and him correct. If they allowed comments, I would request to hear their responses to Morey and the rest of the info. He talks about gas cards and insurance and his son. That wasn't mentioned anywhere else in the blog, so either Morey is making up accusations against himself or the author is not giving the whole story.

lieutenantcolumbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
非凡 said...

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thegrandverbalizer19 said...

I'd like to know if possible how to get his debates he has had with Dr. Jamal Badawi and Shabir Ally and even Dr. Khalid Al Mansour! I run a blog and I like to post debates between Muslims and Christians and the links so people can see both sides of the story. I'm a Muslim I have and show my bias towards Islam there is no getting around that; however it would be nice to see if his claims stand up in the light of critical scrutiny.

I mean having read every book in the library of congress and reading 25 books an hour, seems like a tall order to me!

Anonymous said...

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